Web Developer's Struggle Memories


Summary of programming languages and tools that I have used before

I am looking for the word "welcome to someone who has used the following technology", since I change my career, so I will look back over what I once touched.

(* As of November 12, 2018)

Programming languages

List what I have written even once in the past.

  • C (For research purposes, I used it for numerical calculation when I was a student. About a half a year ago)
  • PHP (I was writing at work. About 4 years)
  • JavaScript (I was writing at work. About 2 years)
  • TypeScript (About 2 months as a hobby. Because it is used in Angular)
  • Ruby (I was writing a little as a hobby. About 2 months)
  • Python(I was writing a little as a hobby. About one month)
  • VBA(A macro of Excel. I've been writing about 2 months as a hobby)
  • Others(HTML, CSS, Sass/Scss and so on. Personally I do not put it in the language enclosure)

Frameworks, Libraries

Many things about JavaScript...hahaha :)

  • PHP
    • CodeIgniter (3.x)
    • FuelPHP (1.7)
    • Yii
    • Underscore.php
    • Composer
  • JavaScript
    • AngularJS
    • Angular (version 4 or higher)
    • Ionic (version 2 or higher)
    • Riot.js (version 2 to latest)
    • RiotControl
    • riotx
    • Vue.js (version 2 or higher)
    • Nuxt.js (version 1 or higher)
    • Underscore.js
    • jQuery
    • jQueryUI
    • jQueryMobile
    • DateTimePicker
  • Web Components
    • lit-html
  • Node.js
    • Express
    • Sails
    • Fastify
  • For graph drawing
    • C3.js
    • D3.js
    • Chart.js
    • vue-chart
  • For testing frameworks
  • For package managers
    • npm
    • yarn
    • nvm
  • Ruby
  • About design frameworks

Version control system

Automation tools

Anyway I gathered automated and named ones.

  • Jenkins
  • Chef (I almost forgot)
  • Ansible
  • Gulp
  • Webpack
  • Rollup

Design tools

  • Illustlator
  • Figma
  • Sketch
  • Zeplin


Task management tools

  • Redmine
  • GitLab(既出)
  • GitHub(既出)
  • BitBucket(既出)
  • Backlog(既出)
  • JIRA


Web server

  • Apache
  • Nginx
  • Node.js (Strictly an http server)

Virtual environment construction tools

Chat tools

  • Chatwork
  • Slack
  • Idobata
  • Backlog

Text editor、IDE

To the end

I could hardly imagine myself when I was a student who I am currently using these tools. If I think now, I am working completely different from what I imagined at the same time. I do not know life :)

Since I am still a fledgling engineer, I have nothing I do not know. Let's continue to study everyday.